24 FOR 24

Day 4

When we recognize our shared humanity, we are not strangers; we are simply friends who haven’t met yet.

Anna Semyuk didn’t know the woman she was searching for at the Hungarian border last February. What she did know was that this stranger was carrying the most precious of cargo from their war-torn home to the safety of her embrace. This stranger had seen her husband, unable to cross the Ukrainian border, and offered to take his children where he could not go: to safety. This stranger was Nataliya Ableyeva, and when Anna and Natalyia finally met, they were no longer strangers. They were family.

Today’s #24for24 recognizes the heroic kindness of Nataliya and the bravery and sacrifice of parents like Anna and her husband.

Everything will be alright. They will go home. May we all deepen our resolve to make Anna’s promise come true.

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