24 FOR 24

Day 22

364 days ago feels like an eternity.

It’s difficult to remember how much was uncertain the day the world awoke to the shocking news that Russia had invaded Ukraine.

Pundits and politicians projected Ukraine’s ability to withstand Russian aggression in weeks, not months or years. It was clear that swift and sustained support from outside Ukraine would be necessary to overcome the seemingly staggering odds.

With this in mind, executives from the Ukrainian advertising agency Banda first pitched the idea for Ukraine’s Bravery Campaign to the government.

Its imagery featured photos of courageous, ordinary Ukrainians and soldiers. Its bold slogans in the blue and yellow colors of the Ukrainian flag appeared on everything from juice bottles to 500 billboards in 21 cities. The campaign ran in the United Kingdom, Canada, and 17 countries in Europe. The outpouring that followed literally lit up the digital and physical worlds and galvanized the support that shattered the experts’ predictions.

Banda’s cofounder, Pavel Vrzheshch, has said the campaign aims to strengthen Ukrainians’ morale as they continue to fight Russia. But the focus on bravery is also about Ukraine’s future. “The whole world admires the Ukrainian bravery now, we must consolidate this notion and have it represent Ukraine forever.” 

And that notion is the one that #24for24 was built to carry forward.

Join us tomorrow to see how.