24 FOR 24

Day 21

Fighting a war on two fronts is widely regarded as a path to certain defeat. 

This is the situation that the war has forced upon Ukrainians fighting for their lives against ailments that seek to destroy them from the inside while Russian soldiers attempt to destroy them from the outside. Vostok SOS exists to give those Ukrainians, and so many more, a fighting chance in all of their battles.

Founded in 2014 when Russia invaded Ukraine’s east, the organization’s mission was to provide “comprehensive assistance to conflict-affected persons and internally displaced persons, promoting democratic transformation and human rights values in Ukraine.” 

This growing team of more than 200 people had been able to focus on long-term initiatives in front-line cities as tensions reduced in 2016, but 2022 forced them to shift their efforts back towards people immediately impacted by the war.

Todays #24for24 honors the tireless work and hard-wrought infrastructure that allows organizations like Vostok SOS to meet the worst of moments with the best of efforts.

Learn more about their work here.