24 FOR 24

Day 20

When jobs were disappearing as fast as military-aged men, most wouldn’t be searching for the perfect AirBnB for their next family vacation destination. The Russians who did were met with a surprise: the truth in pictures, courtesy of the Bickerstaff team.

“Unforgettable experiences” advertised with photos of real, Russian-inflicted devastation. A conveniently-located playground touted with a rocket slide and “few children.” Locations with no roof, but offering plenty of ventilation. 

“Most of the Russian audience believe the catastrophe in Ukraine is overrated, refusing the truth of all the photos of destroyed houses and cities. We want to convey the truth to the audience, showing the full scale of the destruction,” the agency told Express in May of 2022.

Today’s #24for24 honors a team that has been working around the clock for a year that was supposed to be days. Bickerstaff embodies the creativity, bravery and brilliance that will be their legacy for decades to come.