24 FOR 24

Day 2

“Mom immediately told me, why don’t you go ahead and leave the country.”

Sometimes, fighting for your future means leaving your past.

After the invasion, as some Russians recognized it was time to leave, their decision to get out felt as simple as it was swift. But often with less than a day to prepare, these Russians found themselves with no money, no luggage and nowhere to sleep. 

Anastasia Burakova is a human rights lawyer who has been supporting people under pressure from the state for years. After leaving Russia for Kyiv in December of 2021, Burakova was familiar with the simple and complex needs that new arrivals have to navigate. “It can be hard for a person to adapt to a new place, and even to get basic information and meet people.”

Her experience and passion led her to form the organization Kovcheg (“The Ark”) to provide shelter and legal support to Russian emigrants in need. Today’s #24for24 recognizes Burakova, the efforts of Kovchek and the valor and values of those who seek its aid.