24 FOR 24

Day 18

This is not a dream.

“The shock of war undermines ordinary perception of reality. The events during the war remind us of a dream which is impossible to wake up from. At the same time, it is extremely necessary to act there, overcoming muteness and numbness of limbs that are so inherent to a dream. It is all a challenge to the intimacy of humanity, which is forced to go back to so-called common places and re-examine them again, to finally wake up in its historical and political essence.”

These stirring words from visual artist Vlada Ralko frame her “Diary of Lviv” which, alongside Volodymyr Budnikov’s “Time of War” compose the “Not a Dream” exhibition, supported by the Peace for Art Foundation.

Today’s #24for24 highlights their work and the work of the Peace for Art Foundation that continues to make it possible for artists to create and convey in ways that words can not.

See the art of the exhibit here.