24 FOR 24

Day 14

People get used to someone else’s wars.

For most of the world, the headlines and stories about Russia’s war on Ukraine are filled with names that are not their own and places that are not their home.

But what do you do when the atrocities of war lay siege to your life? What do you do when your daily work is interrupted by another blackout, or another bomb? How do you keep the truth of the frontlines in the headlines?

If you’re Banda, you go to work. You tell the gritty stories of how brave Ukrainians keep their country moving. And you find partners who will help you tell the world that no soldier and no army will paralyze the Ukrainian spirit.

Today’s #24for24 highlights Banda’s work with Uber to tell the stories in war through the eyes of the drivers. But it also highlights the resilience and bravery of a country still going to work while going to war.

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