24 FOR 24

Day 11

Routine can be a grounding rhythm in times of great upheaval.  

Re-establishing a connection to the “normal” activities of life, like school, is a critical way to connect refugees into their new communities. Even more critical because losing access to education for an extended period of time can have generational ramifications, particularly for the most vulnerable. 

As the war dragged on through 2022, it became apparent that short-term solutions for integrating Ukrainian refugees into the educational systems needed to transition to longer-term plans that ensure learning environments for these children are inclusive and responsive. 

Efforts like these require a unique coalition of educators, policymakers, citizens and specialists willing to share both their experiences and their expertise. The team at Eurocities.eu saw this need and took action.

Today’s #24for24 highlights the efforts and results of Eurocities’ work to transition cities to a long-term integration strategy that will allow displaced Ukrainians to feel more at home for as long as they can’t be at home.

Learn more about their work.