24 FOR 24

Day 1

“We need to win the war, not awards.”

War-winning creative was not the brief any agency hoped to be working on in 2022. But in a single day, thousands of creatives united into a consolidated informational front and turned their talents towards a digital battlefield with daily deadlines. Our first #24for24 is dedicated to highlighting some of their initial efforts.

The Brief: Prevent WW3

Ukraine Creative Community. The project encourages creative minds worldwide to contribute their skills to prevent World War III, which is breaking out in Ukraine. The Brief suggests tasks, supporting messages, and the deadline—each day.

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Bravery as Ukrainian DNA

Banda Agency: This large-scale campaign about the bravery of the Ukrainian nation was created in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. The campaign supported by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy includes billboards, TV spots, digital activations, and merchandise in Ukraine and abroad.

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Gres Todorchuk

A range of live performances set abroad drew attention to the atrocities inflicted against Ukrainian civilians by Russia’s military campaign. For example, in Warsaw, people lay down in front of the Drama Theater to visualize the growing number of Ukrainian civilian deaths.