Artist Residency Program

Art of Peace

About the Program

Born of a belief in the power of art to spark progress, the objective of the 2023 Art of Peace Residency is to identify talented artists, poets, and writers to facilitate collaborative artmaking workshops for those who have fled their homes as a result of Russia’s war against Ukraine. The program will launch the I Want You to Live Project, an ongoing campaign to inspire those opposed to the war to pick up a pen or paintbrush and communicate the truth to those who most need to hear it.

During the course of the program, each awardee will guide workshop participants through the collaborative creation of an original work that highlights the shared humanity of those impacted by the war. The collaborative art, letters, and poetry produced will share the truth about the war and be included in the I Want You to Live Project, ultimately inspiring countless other citizen-artists to create works of their own.

Program Details

The Art of Peace Residency will take place through May and June of 2023 and is open to established artists who are passionate about the power of art in protest and who have left their homes as a result of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. The program is open to artists practicing in any discipline, including writing, poetry, visual and dramatic arts, and music. Up to four artists will be selected to participate in the program, at least two of whom will specialize in a written word-based discipline, such as poetry. Those selected will receive the following:

  • €3000 honorarium
  • Comprehensive professional training in collaborative art-making workshop facilitation
  • Assistance in the recruitment and selection of workshop participants
  • Digital amplification and public relations support

By the end of the program, each awardee will have:

  • Delivered one original work of art in their chosen discipline
  • Attended three workshop facilitation training sessions led by a professional artist
  • Promoted and personally facilitated at least two collaborative art-making workshops

About the Program Sponsors:

The 2023 Art of Peace Residency is sponsored by Renaissance3, the award-winning digital marketing agency behind Campaigns for Humanity, May for Ukraine, and 24 for 24. In March 2022, we launched Campaigns for Humanity as a people-focused initiative to connect and elevate a global alliance of creatives, activists, and advertisers working toward a just peace in Ukraine. Our work through Campaigns for Humanity is in pursuit of the following objectives:

Save Lives: Humans fight wars; humans can also choose to not fight wars. 

Share Truth: Counter Russian propaganda by communicating accurate information about the war to personal contacts.

Build Community: Foster relationship-building among those who have fled their country as a result of the war.

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Renaissance3 will review applications on a rolling basis until all artists have been selected. Submit early to ensure your application is considered. We regret that, due to the volume of submissions, we cannot contact all applicants.

Who we are: We’re Renaissance3, an award-winning digital marketing agency staffed by a team of strategists, creatives, and social media experts with diverse experience across six continents and united by a shared mission to not just market, but build movements. We rely on the existence of a free and open internet in order to do our work, and we’re keenly aware of the threats disinformation and censorship pose to businesses like ours. We’re committed to giving back by investing a portion of our annual gross profits in initiatives that move one or more of our guiding values of human rights, digital democracy, and building more humane economies forward. Learn more at