Art of Peace

Born of a belief in the power of art to spark progress, Art of Peace was created to inspire those opposed to the war in Ukraine to pick up a pen or paintbrush and communicate the truth to those who most need to hear it. The purpose of the project is to amplify calls for a just end to the war and to promote peace for Ukraine.

Art of Peace is community-led and designed to bring people together.

Contribute to Art of Peace

  • Create your own #ArtofPeace art, and share them on social media using the hashtags #ArtofPeace and #ИскусствоМира.
  • Follow #ArtOfPeace on social media and amplify by sharing. 
  • Organize and host an #ArtofPeace art-making meetup on or offline with others in your community.

Hosting an Art of Peace Art-Making Meetup Is Simple

  1. Gather a group of people & any art supplies you like or have access to (old magazines, glue, and paper are all you need to collage)
  2. Together, look at a piece of art like the works below. Then discuss how it makes you feel, what you like about it, maybe what you didn’t understand or didn’t like about it.

Olga Dernova

All it takes is a song of one little diligent thrush.
You enter your kitchen at 4 am and there it is,
painting the lines of spring with a delicate sable brush,
tweeting: I’ll take the risk.
The leaves rustle, reaching out and holding your hand,
urging you to roll up your sleeves.
Daylight, like a deer, rushes ahead,
casting further and further down its rapid beams.
You forget the night’s toil, perhaps you’re cranking up,
tuning in all the time to a current of distant tweets.
Your hands are soiled, and the mourning stripe
stays under your fingernails, and you cannot get rid of it.

  1. Spend some time as a group making art or poetry of your own, inspired by the discussion and the artwork. You might use the title “I want you to live” or “art of peace” to help guide you.
  2. Share your work on social media using the hashtags #ArtofPeace and #ИскусствоМира.

Art of Peace Virtual Gallery

We’ll host a selection of Art of Peace works in the Campaigns for Humanity Virtual Gallery. The gallery is intended to showcase the creativity, wisdom, and diversity of the movement for peace for Ukraine. Come here whenever you need a reminder that the world is indeed full of people who refuse to back down in the face of injustice.

All are invited to submit works in any medium, the only requirement is that the work speaks to the project theme by referencing a desire for the war to end and Ukrainian sovereignty to be respected. Take a look at the featured art below for examples.

Use the form below if you’d prefer to make an anonymous submission to the Virtual Gallery.

Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, txt, rtf, docx, doc, Max. file size: 10 MB.